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Tom Makowecki Racing Pigeons - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 780 973 3052
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"The Ewe Makers"

Tom, Zeek&ZakI won my first race, in 1969 young birds. Flying in partnership with Joe van Kreuningen with the loft name of Pair - A - Dice.
However it was 1971 that changed my life! As a 20 year old, I spent a months wages on a pair of pigeons from Jules Gallez, Belgium. "De Oude Rode Vos" 64 Belg 6209869, a red check cock bred by Jos Liekens of Lier and purchased by Jules Gallez at his final sale. He was a 100% Janssen of Arendonk and his 4 grand parents were: De Oude Vos '39, De Wondervoske'45, De Goede Geschelpte'45 and Vosse Witslag. The reason I asked Jules if he would sell him was that he had 3 of his daughters in his breeding loft and they came from 3 different hens. At first - the bird was not for sale but a month later I received a letter from Jules stating that he would sell him to me. Because I was a young enthusiastic fancier and "Vos" was getting old. "De Blauwe Witpen Berte" 68 Belg 6565723 from the loft of Andre Berte was to accompany "Vos" to Canada. She too was very well bred and 100% Janssen of Arendonk. Her sire was the 2nd Ace Bird of the South Antwerp Union and her dam was out of the Foundation cock in the Berte loft, De Oude Rozerander.
Even though this pair cost me a months wages - it did turn out to be a gift. They bred me 10 - 1sts and enabled me to accomplish results never seen before in our club.
VOS went on to live to the ripe old age of 21 years - filling eggs, to the day he died. ( For his last 5 years, he was kept in a section with only his hen). I still own his last born son 85 CU 18132 (2002 - but he is promisced to go to Vince Janson in Oregon, USA) This son 85 CU 18132 is a blue blooded Janssen. His sire: VOS was a gr. son to De Wondervoske '45 winner of 18 1sts and his dam was a direct daughter of De Geeloger '67 a winner of 15 - 1sts.( via Dr. Karl Frank)
His best breeding son, 71 EDM 743 "The Red Pied ", not only carried his sires prepotent genes for breeding top birds but also his longevity - also living to the age of 21 years. Both of these birds are the key to my family. My 1st & 2nd from the 360 miles Yearling race in 1997 are both grandsons of The Red Pied. And all of my 7 bird drop at 500 miles (800 kms) in 2000 had the blood of The Red Pied in their veins. By the way they took 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th flying 12 hours "together"! Vos and The Red Pied both were prepotent sires with great vitality, proven by their long life (both 21 years) and remaining fertile until their dying day.

Vos & Witpen

vos eye.jpg Witpen eye
743 The Red Pied
1st 800 kms -Ace Hen of club
1st Ace Hen 1999